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Welcome to the land of fairytales!

Acclaimed artist Pamela Silin-Palmer and author Molly Coxe present the classic story Beauty and her Beast afresh in Bunny and the Beast.

Each page reveals animals in fantastic costumes who inhabit a lush landscape filled with magic, danger, and passion. Rabbit fairies and froggy troubadours, nose-twitching sisters and a bewhiskered, well-meaning Papa, all accompany our heroine--the joyful, prancing Bunny--as she discovers the meaning of true love.

And, of course, there is the Beast--a rugged bull terrier whose bark is much worse than his bite. Children will love following the amusing twists to this romantic tale of transformation, while savoring the witty and whimsical detail of the rich paintings. This beauty of a book proves that one is never too young (or too old!) to revel in the glories of a truly sumptuous picture book.


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