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Molly Coxe lives in Northern California with her family. She has a nice husband named Craig and two children: Will who is twelve, and Franny, who is ten. Will home schools and Franny plans to start home schooling next year because she'd like a break from public school. Molly has lots of animals: a fluffy mutt, Grover, whose best friend is our kitten, Ruff. (Grover named him.) Molly also has an old rabbit, Freckles, who isn't very friendly, and an old cat, Minnie, who doesn't give Ruff the time of day.

Molly has written and illustrated lots of early readers: Cat Traps, Big Egg, Hot Dog, Fox Trot, Six Sticks, Bookworm, The Great Snake Escape, and R is for Radish (which stars a rabbit!). Right now she is working on a longer story about (guess what) rabbits! The main character's name is Trixie Leee, and her friends are Jackie and Marjalynne. If she manages to finish the story, it will be the longest thing she's ever written. Right now, she doesn't have much time to work because her son Will is home schooling, but she daydreams about the story a lot, and when she has time, she writes a page or two. If she has any spare time, she goes to yoga class, works in her garden, reads, and rides a tandem bike with her husband. She feels very lucky to have such fun work, and to have been part of the Bunny and the Beast project. She hopes everyone enjoys the book.

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