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An Interview with Jack the Beast

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Interviewer: So, Jack! As a dog do you enjoy working as an artist's model?

Jack: Arf! Yes. I like posing. I should have been a show dog, but now I prefer appearing in children's books. The thing is...well, did you see the movie, "Best in Breed"?

Interviewer: Will we be seeing you in any future publications?

Jack: I'm speaking to my agent, and hoping for a cameo role in the book "Sleeping Bunny" coming in the autumn of 2002. Meanwhile I have other cats to chase, other birds to watch.

Jack: As I was saying, I'll be signing autographs on the occasional end paper for Bunny and the Beast.

Interviewer: Where can we find your autographed copies of the book, Jack?

Jack Smells the Roses

Jack the Beast in Motion

Jack "the Beauty"
Photography by Nile Sprague

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